Hildeberto High school career 

From the wilderness of moshmack preserve to the open water competitions up in Vermont to the countless days on the beautiful island of governors island not to mention the hard working days in the specialized course of marine Biology my high school career is nothing but thrills and excitement.

Geographic Information Systems 


I am to be certified in GIS by the end of my junior year(more about that in my vision tab). 

Rowing team and competitions such as Boston and Vermont 
LEAF ( Leaders in environmental action for the future) 
One month away on shelter island living with 3 new people with a budget and learning real life skills. 
Friends of governors Island 
I have experience in interacting and talking to a range of people while doing visitior services.  
Marine Biology 


From sampling to geographic information systems marine biology has given me skills like independent research, sampling, analyzing data 


My internship gave me the skills to start to understand how to d taxes. 


My High School Career 

The vision that I have for my future is going to college to go and pursue a major in criminal Justice and attend a four year college. I am pretty versatile due to my countless internships and amazing high school experiences I have had through out my four years here for just a example rowing and marine biology. In my marine biology course I have done independent research for one year then preceded to spend my last two remaining years focusing on geographic information systems which allows me to build maps about virtually anything that is able to be mapped from helping people in boats navigate to research projects needing a map with locations and information integrated and pointed out nice and pretty. My internships through out my my high school career have shown me a lot as well as helped me grow as a person. For example LEAF or leaders in environmental action for the future had me on shelter island living with two other interns and a mentor and showed me important life skills and how every daily day may go when I am a full grown adult. it showed me to have grit, finish the job,professionalism as well as being on time. By the end of the year of my senior year I am to be certified in geographic and information systems which will allow me to have a skill that most other NYC students are not willing to achieve and will show the dedication and grit that it took me to complete and be certified not only know the material but be at the same time certified in the process and be recognized as a person who knows the material as well as can show others and explain very well what Geographic information system is.  


Photo Album 

High School Acomplisments 

Networking Event
Marine Biology 3rd place science symposium 
Leather Camera
Recognition from Suny Albany of college credits 
1st place in Boston for intermediate division 

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